Zaid Bhamla

Always in the know, Zaid is constantly connected with the latest happenings in the global salon and spa industry, which keeps him ahead of the curve. Always bursting with fresh ideas, Zaid brings a youthful energy and zest to the group’s vision. Supporting retail, distribution and various customer connect programs, Zaid is all set to lead the group to connect with India’s millennial.

Anwar Kapadia

Anwar joined the group in its initial stages of retail expansion in India. His 20+ years of experience in sales with a popular fashion label in India has given the Bhamla Group invaluable insights.

When he joined the group, his role involved retailing to popular salon chains and mom and pop beauty stores across India. Over the years, he has been instrumental in growing the retail and distribution network of Beauty Palace to its current strength of over 90 distributors and a 100+ sales team which oversees sales and channel development.

Anwar has also been instrumental in changing the way salon and spa chains and professionals shop for globally popular salon brands.