Chairman’s Note

  • With the influx of the internet, rising disposable incomes and peer pressure to look good, no more are men and women content with what is available; they are fastidious and demanding of their beauty brands and services and they expect these to evolve with time. This has given rise to a booming beauty and grooming industry with the Indian salon industry at a stagging 3.5 Billion USD today. The good news is,the market continues to grow.

  • While the numbers are encouraging, what is even noteworthy is the pace at which trends keep changing. As the pioneer in the beauty business, the Bhamla group has been keeping pace with this need and potential for the past four decades. Today, we are the trusted associate of every well-known global name who has set a standard and offer unique value optimization services that add strength and scalability to our clients’ businesses.

Vision & Mission


    Identify trends, pre-empt customer needs and continuously evolve to offer future technologies and value-driven services that add profit to their business.


    To be the world’s most trusted and respected partner that will create a paradigm shift in the beauty industry and to elevate our expertise, strengths and scalability for the growth of our customers.

Group History


  • In the crowded by-lanes of one of Mumbai’s famous markets, in a small 100 square foot premise, history was being made. The year was 1987 and the concept of beauty was in its nascence with the growing emergence of local salons. Yet, apart from expensive imports and a few local companies, there was no significant entity that could fulfill their evolving needs. A specialised retail store, was set up to fulfill this gap.

  • In 2005, after dissolution with his former partners, Irfan Bhamla moved ahead to take on a bigger challenge. His experience was his strength; his vision would be his victory. He launched Beauty Palace, a bigger and better avatar of its predecessor, and subsequently, a whole line of businesses that would exclusively cater to the ever-evolving requirements of beauty salons and spas. Today, the Bhamla Group operates in India, Middle East, Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Management Team

Irfan Bhamla Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Irfan’s keen sense of entrepreneurship has revolutionized the beauty industry in India. He is the pioneer of specialty retail for the Indian salon and spa industry and is responsible for many firsts:

  • First importer and retailer of global salon brands in India
  • First channel partner which has launched global brands like Schwarzkopf and Kryolan in India
  • First to establish a pan India distribution network for salon and spa products.

Rayed Merchant Director Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement

A second generation member of the Bhamla family, Rayed is responsible for bringing in new gen marketing ideas that is pivotal to the group’s future growth. A strong, close association with salon and spa professionals has sharpened his acumen and category knowledge, which has enabled him to grow the reach and penetration of the global and group’s private brands across markets. He has been the central figure in the group’s foray into global markets. Young and dynamic, he created his niche by writing the success story of the group’s first private label, IKONIC, which today is a case study for emerging Indian brands in the professional products category. Rayed has successfully launched labels across categories and is also aggressively driving the group’s partnership with global brands to launch them in India.

Anwar Kapadia Director, Sales and Distribution (India)

Anwar joined the group in its initial stages of retail expansion in India. His 20+ years of experience in sales with a popular fashion label in India has given the Bhamla Group invaluable insights.

When he joined the group, his role involved retailing to popular salon chains and mom and pop beauty stores across India. Over the years, he has been instrumental in growing the retail and distribution network of Beauty Palace to its current strength of over 90 distributors and a 100+ sales team which oversees sales and channel development.

Anwar has also been instrumental in changing the way salon and spa chains and professionals shop for globally popular salon brands.

Zaid Bhamla Director

Always in the know, Zaid is constantly connected with the latest happenings in the global salon and spa industry, which keeps him ahead of the curve. Always bursting with fresh ideas, Zaid brings a youthful energy and zest to the group’s vision. Supporting retail, distribution and various customer connect programs, Zaid is all set to lead the group to connect with India’s millennial.